While trying to settle for the best internet for your business, it is pertinent to understand how they are work in terms of speed, bandwidth, and coverage. When it comes to choosing business internet, four options should stand out; DSL, Coax, Fiber Optics and Fixed Wireless. All of these options are also dependent on geographical location and the internet service provider. However, most businesses often narrow down their choice to Coax and Fixed Wireless. That’s why you need to weigh this two popular choice and settle for whichever suit your everyday business needs.

To start with, it is essential to understand the functionalities of these internet options. Coax also know as cable derives its name from “cable television. It has a strength of 100Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Using Coax requires the use of a modem, but getting cable internet is easier due to the prevalence of cable television. Coax internet is also considered economical in terms of cost and reliable in terms of availability. The downside of Coax is the shared platforms it comes on which affect the speed. For instance, when the bandwidth is oversubscribed and overloaded by neighbors, this affect the speed.

Fixed wireless may be a smart choice for businesses far out of the footprints of traditional internet service provider. For businesses located far out of the urban areas, this may be the ideal option. In terms of cost also, the cost of set up is quite lower than other options. In terms of speed, the maximum you can get from most wireless ISP could be 6Mps of download and 1Mbps of upload. However, with development in telecommunication especially 4G networks, the speed of wireless networks has tremendously improved and even better than most cable internet.

In summary, the choice is dependent on your location, needs, and budget. You can rely on Telecom Source Direct to help make the right choice of internet for your business.