The Latest Business Phone Systems Features for the Upcoming Year

There are several business phone systems out there for customers to choose from. After all, the most important thing is to communicate successfully. However, there are some value-added services your business phone could deploy to pip your competitors in the market. Here are a few;

1) Cell Phone Integration: it is important to stay active while you are away from your desk or during closing hours. You don’t want to leave your customers ringing you continuously with no response or having your lines unreachable. It is important to integrate your desk phone with a mobile cell in order to stay connected to your clients. 

2) Caller ID:  Every business should have a means of delivering personalized services. It gives your customers a sense of belonging. A customer rings you that his satellite is down after he had subscribed and on picking up you answer “Hey Fernando, you have reached flash Satellite, how may I be of assistance today?” This calms an agitated customer and enhances better communication.

3) Toll Free Numbers: Toll free numbers are a quick way of increasing your customer base. It enables your customers to relate and communicate without having to bother about the cost. Toll free lines also attract new customers as potential consumers of your product can place a call to make inquiries without having to visit your store.

4) Call Holding: This is very essential, it has to be done the right way. You can’t hold a customer by placing your receiver on the table, that’s unprofessional. It could lead to embarrassing moments like “hey Mina, that crack head is holding for you”, it is highly unprofessional when your client on the other end of the phone can hear your off the phone conversations.

You can’t afford to hold your clients quite long too, how do they figure if they’ve been disconnected or actually forgotten? They could feel ignored too. Your best hold is to entertain your callers with some music. Right there in between, you could fade off the music and relay some pre-recorded information to your clients. Placing your clients on hold correctly could be a great instrument not only for winning their love but also for advertising.

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