Why You Should Have Structured Cabling Setup for Your Business

Structured cabling is simply the “digital plumbing” or schematic to your office or home. The reason why your devices work smoothly is because somewhere in the back room, there are a plethora of cables plugged in different ports, spanning from one end to another. Sometimes clustered, these systematically configured cables perform various functions. Structured cabling is beneficial because it ensures that things are organized and everything is working smoothly.

When your cables are clustered and unorganized, it is very easy for mistakes to be made. The sight is sometimes annoying, just like putting your earphones in your pocket and bringing it out.

Here are a few important reasons why your cables need to be structured

  1. Faster transmission: While you place an infuriated customer on hold, the process of trying to pull up their records feels like an eternity. There’s the need to transfer data as fast as you possibly can. Cables in the category of 6A support up to 10-Gigabits per second, On the other hand, Category 5e enables 100 Mbps. Experts do not recommend cables in Category 3 for data transmission due to slow speed and high volume noise. Speed up your business by structuring your cables the right way.

  2. Noise Reduction: when your cables are twisted, it makes it vulnerable to some level of noise from nearby equipment. Fiber optic cabling provides the best resistance to noise when compared to any other cable system. Noise could cause static and bad connections during phone conversations and corrupts data. An excessive noise interrupts and somehow slows down your network because the system needs to repeatedly resend corrupt data until it gets through unscathed. Your customers could also get irritated when there’s a background noise during phone calls.

  3. Lower maintenance cost: Fiber optic cables in the category of 5e or 6 hardly ever go bad. On rare occasions when these happen, having in place a well installed and carefully identified structured cables makes it faster to identify the problem and easier to replace the damaged ones.

Without structured cabling, the IT room looks jumbled and a complete mess. When your system is organized, changes can be made easily without interrupting your whole setup.

Another reason for a structured cabling setup is that it unifies your IT network for multiple platforms like data, voice, and video.

Telecom Source Direct will ensure the smooth running of your business when expansion sets it, for example, if your company adds video conferencing down the line, this change could be effected against the run of play. Contact us today for your digital transformation.