Using a VoIP Phone System for Your Business

Thinking about getting a new phone system for your business? Why not get a cool, new Voice IP (VoIP) phone and increase the functionality of your business?

Not sure what a VoIP Phone system is? No problem, here's a quick explanation.

Instead of relying on the copper wires provided by a local company, VoIP systems link up to your internet connection. In other words, an internet connection is necessary for this type of phone system, though it doesn’t require a computer. There are also cloud-based VoIP services available, which require no hardware or maintenance.

Some of the benefits of a VoIP service include:

  • Advanced Functionality

    With this type of system, you will have access to more advanced features and functionality than you would with a traditional phone system.

  • Remote Access

    Remote employees can access the same phone system you use in-house; something that isn’t possible with a traditional phone system.

  • Excellent Scalability

    With a landline system, you can only connect a limited amount of lines. Moreover, in order to add more lines, you have to upgrade your hardware and install them. Since a VoIP system only requires a connection to your internet, you can connect an unlimited amount of lines.

To figure out whether a traditional or a VoIP phone system would better suit your needs, contact us and we’ll gladly help you determine which one is the most suitable option.