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Save up to 30% off your current communications bills.  Get free desk phones with over 50 features. Save time & money with our exclusive business bundles.

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Voice, Video & Text Solutions

Connect From Anywhere

Free Apps

Make and receive business calls and texts from your smartphone.

Free Desk Phones

Setting up your new phone system has never been easier – or inexpensive.

Web Calling

Login to your account through a  Google extension or through the web.  Make calls, texts, or manage your account from anywhere.

Not Just Voice Calls

SMS/MMS Messaging

Send and receive text and mulimedia messages to your business phone number – through your computer or smartphone.

Video Calls

Create a seamless business environment with up to 50 people joining your video call.


3-way or group conferencing bridges available.

Manage From Anywhere

Simplified Administration

Users can manage their own individual preferences.  Administrators can manage call flow and feature configuration and user setup for multiple offices.

Call Trend Analysis

View call data records such as call logs and call recordings in the admin portal. Dashboards include multiple ways to manage and configure your phone system.

Remote Work Solutions

Call forward, transfer calls, reach any employee any time with advanced routing and forwarding options.

24/7 Support

Unlimited Calling Plans

No Contacts On Many Plans

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Ensure you are getting the best in VoIP reliability for businesses by getting a customized quote from a product expert.  When you are ready, simply accept your quote digitally and the on-boarding process begins.

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During your on-boarding process, we’ll walk you through how to set up your users and call flows, share best practices, and help you understand the insights you’ll gain from our analytics tools. We’ll make sure you are completely comfortable and if you ever need assistance, simply contact our stellar support team at any time.

Answers to Your Questions

How do I get free phones?

Sign up for service from one of our premier service partners and receive free desk phons for each person in your company.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Yes, keep your current phone numbers or get new phone numbers.

How easy is a VoIP system to manage?

You can manage your new phone system very easily, including 24/7 phone support or an online portal that you can access from anywhere.  You can make almost any change include call forwarding, voice mail features and much more.

How much does it cost to setup?

Setting up your new system is quite easy. The only upfron costs are your first month’s service which is as low as $17.99/month per extension.  Once you get your new phones you simply plug them into your phone jacks.  Make sure you have a router connected to your Internet connection.

Can I connect multiple locations together?

Yes, you can connect as many locations as you want throughout the country or the globe.  Connect through either your desk phones or an app on your smart phone or computer.  The system is extremely flexible.

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