About Telecom Source Direct

About Our Business Phone Systems Company

Started in 1989, Telecom Source Direct was originally called Oval Office, Inc.  Oval Office was founded by Morty Hova, who was one of the largest manufacturers of telephones in the 1980’s after AT&T was broken up by Judge Greene.  Morty also became the first distributor for Panasonic phone systems in North America and has patents and inventions to his credit.  Some of his phones were even exhibited in the Whitney Museum!

Moving into the modern era Telecom Source Direct has partnered with some of the largest cable and telecom providers in the country such as Spectrum, Optimum, Fios, Vonage, IDT and more.  This enables us to provide our clients with the lowest prices and best services for their needs without bias.

As a Gold Panasonic Dealer, we strive to provide the best services on phone systems in the industry.  We are continuing to branch out to new products and services.

In the rapidly changing world of telecom, we need to constantly educate ourselves and our customers regarding the latest innovations; but we also need to ensure reliability, stability, and trust.  That is what we aim to do each and every day here at Telecom Source Direct.