Algo 8301 Voip ip Paging door bells

Wideband IP Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler For Integrating Legacy Analog Amplifiers

Starting At $12.50/month

Algo 8301 Voip ip Paging door bells The PoE 8301 IP paging adapter provides a dry page output to a traditional amplifier,

thereby offering a seamless bridge from VoIP to a legacy analog voice paging / public address (PA) system.
The device also functions as a scheduler for automated bells, tones, and announcements.
A contact closure and music input also feature on the 8301.
The paging adapter is a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint.
As a result, the 8301 IP paging adapter is compatible
with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

  • IP paging adapter for public address (PA) and emergency notification.
  • Isolated and balanced line output eliminates hum / noise to a traditional amplifier.
  • Configurable line output supports amplifier input impedance between 600 Ohm and 10 kOhm.
  • Eliminates the need for an FXS port or ATA.
  • Algo 8301 Voip ip Paging door bells with best quality.
  • Simultaneously multicast to IP endpoints and provide line output audio to support
  • both IP and analog infrastructure as one unified public address (PA) system.
  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Customize WAV files for emergency notification / alerting and telephone loud ringing.
  • Music input.
  • Configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning.
  • Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af).
  • Ideal for integrating legacy analog public address (PA) systems in education,
  • retail, manufacturing, transport terminals (i.e., airports, bus and rail stations),
  • healthcare, government and other commercial environments.


The 8301 SIP Paging Adapter and Scheduler is UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.

The paging adapter includes brackets for wall mounting and is a PoE device.

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