VoIP Phone System Features

Over 50 voice and unified communications capabilities, including video collaboration with meetings and productivity tools. Free apps on a powerful phone system for a low price. 

Advanced Functions

3 Way Conferencing
3-Way Conferencing is a quick and easy way to connect an additional party to your existing call.
Reception Console
The Reception Console * add-on is an ideal tool for companies that handle large volumes of calls on a daily basis and are looking for a solution so that their receptionist can handle them more efficiently. The user extension linked to a Reception Console service will be able to handle up to 50 simultaneous calls.
Simultaneous Ring
With Simultaneous Ring  you can enable call forwarding by setting your mobile or desktop phone to ring as soon as a call comes in.
Call Forwarding
Call forwarding not only includes the ability to forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number (which is typical of most platforms and systems), but also the ability to forward to another extension, auto attendant, or call queue. Users can forward calls through our portal or by entering a code from the phone itself.
Office Wide Call Recording

With companywide call recording functionality, you can schedule recording rules and parameters for the entire office. Save your private recordings in a password protected archive or easily distribute them through the Administration Portal.

    On Demand Call Recording
    The Call Recording – On Demand functionality lets you decide when you want to record calls, which is particularly useful when you need to verify the details of a conversation or when it is essential that you take precise notes. You can easily access all the recordings from the User Portal and play them at any time or forward them by email.
    Call Announcement
    Call Announcement whispers an audible version of the custom label to you before connecting the call. This functionality can be used in conjunction with Call Monitoring and the Monitoring Menu, which allow you to answer the call, send it to voicemail, or transfer it.
    3 Way Conferencing
    3-Way Conferencing is a quick and easy way to connect an additional party to your existing call.
    International Calling

    Get unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and over 40 international countries. This includes virtual phone numbers (DIDs) in over 50 countries & 300 cities. Global infrastructure, points of presence, connectivity, and local staff combine to create a truly global offering.

    Easy To Use

    Press To Call
    Push to Call is a browser add-on that allows users to automatically dial any number with a single click. It is especially useful for employees who work with web-based business tools (such as CRM systems).
    Call Blocking
    Block calls, both incoming and outgoing, based on a prefix, a number or other options, such as the 411 prefix or international calls. Call Blocking functionality is available for your entire account or for a single extension.
    Flexible Caller ID
    We offer various customization options to define Caller ID numbers, including showing a single number for all extensions, configuring each extension to show the number of the account you prefer, choosing not to show anything, or programming an alphanumeric name or company name to display next to the phone number.
    Administration Portal
    The Vonage Administration Portal helps your company’s phone administrators fully manage and customize your system and monitor account activity in real time.
    Local Phone Number
    Vonage’s Local Phone Number functionality allows you to use a phone number with a local prefix to expand your presence in a specific geographic market.
      Music/Message On Hold
      Music on Hold is a Vonage Business Communications feature that shows callers that you want the best for your customers.
      Voice Mail To Email
      When somebody leaves you a voicemail you can view the text of the voicemail as well as listen to the message right from your email.  Also see the Caller ID from the caller.
      Virtual Receptionist
      Virtual receptionist allows you to create routes in the main menu, route callers to the appropriate department or person for an experience as simple as possible and customize the routing of calls received on vacation, at lunchtime or even after work hours .
      Call Logs
      Call Logs gives you access to detailed call logs by extension or by account. You can generate custom reports on call log activity simply from the Administration Portal.


      Enhance Your Business

      Instant Messaging
      Send and receive texts and multimedia messages from the app on your smart phone or from your computer
      Ring an individual extension or a group of extensions. Alternately press a button on the phone for paging.  Send companywide paging as well.
      Group Conference Calling
      Get a conference bridge for up to 50 participants at once on a call.
      Company Directory
      Find users’ extensions by first or last name.
      Multiple Auo Attendants
      Create a first impression for your business by using a professional greeting with advanced call routing options.
        Presence Awareness
        See who is online, on the phone and available at a glance.
        Call Reports & Dashboards
        Advance call reports including time and day of calls, duration, along with trends and analytics.
        Remote Configuration
        Remotely manages all offices, departments, and users with a single online login.
        Unlimited Ring Groups
        A ring group is a call delivery method that allows you to ring several users simultaneously. This is helpful when calls need to be answered quickly anywhere in the office.



        Microsoft Teams
        Boost your voice and collaboration by integrating  your business communications with Microsoft Teams. Now, through direct routing, you can access the functionalities of a classic PBX with great optimized call quality in the Microsoft Teams interface. This means that enterprise-grade communication and collaboration solutions beyond voice and video are seamlessly integrated into a single application.


        Maximize your communications investment with the integration for Salesforce. You can view caller information from Salesforce before answering the call, create Salesforce activities during and after calls, and view Salesforce activities associated with any call, all from a single interface.



        The integration with Zapier will allow customers to automate redundant tasks, streamline workflows, and expand our products’ functionality. Clients that want to integrate with CRMS or other platforms that we don’t offer natively can use Zapier to integrate with over 3,000 different applications that best suit their needs. 

        Chrome Extension

        The Google Chrome™ extension dialer connects seamlessly to your phone system account so you can dial calls directly from your browser.

        Integrate with Slack for seamless calls and features along with your favorite business continuity software.

          Zoho sales CRM customers have smarter conversations with a new unified communications integration.

          API Integrations

          Cloud PBX systems offer endless calling APIs. These APIs enable you to easily integrate with hundreds of popular apps and software platforms. 

          Over 10 More Integrations
          Check with our team to see which integration you need and we will most likely find it.


          • 30 Languages
          • Up to 50 participants
          • Video Recording
          • Screen Sharing
          • Participant Preview Screen
          • Dial In & Dial Out
          • Public & Private Chats
          • Raise Hand Option
          • Blurred Background Feature
          • YouTube Live Streaming
          • YouTube Video Sharing
          • Mobile App Compatible

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